HH Buyer's Club

This is a private page for the Horology Hub Buyer's Club. DO NOT SHARE THIS PAGE!
Use the "Make it Yours" form to purchase the SKX007 case/s. Again, each case is only $37 and shipping will be charged to you once I receive the case and am ready to ship to you.
I am NOT charging tax this first time around as it's a test order.
Please use the FORM HERE to choose which colors you want AFTER your purchase. Please do not purchase more than 3 cases since this is a trial run to make sure the quality is where we need it to be. In short, there's no refunds!
Once we deem the cases good quality (which I already have with one case but I want to make sure they're good to you), then we can do other case versions, and other parts such as bezels, chapter rings, casebacks etc, for lower prices!


SKX007 Case


Case Specs: 316L steel, 42mm by 13.5mm, 20ATM rated, 3.8 or 3.0 crown, fully compatible with SKX007 parts.

Once the case arrives to me, I will reach out to you for shipping details. You can pay whatever you wish for shipping.

HH Buyer’s Club SKX Case

SKX007 Case.  Please make sure you click the link on this page to tell us which case option (3 or 3.8 crown, Gold, Silver, Black, Rose Gold) that you purchased. …

*This is a special HH Mastermind group price! If you order and you are not a part of the Mastermind group your order will NOT be fulfilled!