New Logo and Dial Decals


Dial Decals Only


Logo Design Only

The two logos below are both for our Jadeion.com watch brand.


We were a client of 4Customize, but I would spend a minimum of 5-10 minutes trying to remove the excessive adhesive from the edges. Not to mention, if you look closely you'll see "balls of nickel" around the nose and forehead. When complaining about this, the answer was "this is why we give you extras."

The picture with our new logo (the dragon in the shield) has ZERO adhesive INSIDE OR OUT bleeding over. You just pull them from the PERFECT sheet and apply.

Price (as of 2024) $99 for 100 with shipping
Color Options Add $3.00
Material (Nickel Foil)
Horology Hub
Price (as of 2024) $79 for 100 Shipped Worldwide
Color Options Add $0.00
Material (Nickel)

Logo and Dial Decals Bundle


We'll design a new dial logo based on your desires and branding goals


We then prepare and convert the logo for metal decal printing.


Logo is turned into metal adhesive sticker/decals and shipped to you.

Pricing and Details

Brand Logo Design

*$289 (one time fee)

This covers the logo design with up to three revisions and PSD, JPG, PNG and SVG source files.

100 Metal Decals


You will receive 100 metal logos decals for your watch dials.

*Introductory pricing can be found on the bottom of this page.


Watch Dial Decals ONLY

Start Order

Use the button below to purchase a sheet of 100 watch dial metal decal/sticker logos.

Upload Your Logo

Upload a high resolution SVG, PNG or Vector file and we will *convert your logo for metal printing.


Your logo will be transformed into a sheet of 100 metal decals and shipped to you.

Pricing and Details

Logo Conversion

$25 (*one time fee)

We will convert your current logo image into a source file for decals.

100 Metal Decals


You will receive 100 foil logos for your watch dials. Silver, Black or Yellow Gold.

*If you do NOT have a high resolution image of your logo, we can create one from your design for a small fee.


The video here is for instructions on how to install a logo on your custom or sterile dial. The logos come in sheets of 100 and are covered with protective plastic that wraps over the logo, just like in the video.

Please note this video is for instructional purposes only, otherwise I'd have used cleaner finger cots!


Logo Design Bundle

Three Simple Steps from concept to reality.


Use the order form below and we will work together to create a brand logo for you.


Once we have an agreed design, we will create the logo in multiple formats.



We will then email you all final files so you can use them for your website or other related projects.

Pricing and Details

Brand Logo Design

*$249 (one time fee)

This covers the logo design with up to three revisions and includes PSD and AI source files. Full license on images for life.

Mockup and Reveal

  • ONE image mockup included like the ones pictured above. (we will choose together)
  • ONE logo reveal animation like the ones below. (we will choose together)

*Introductory pricing can be found on the bottom of this page.

Product Reveal Video


New product video (Dragon Eye Series) with intense graphics and music. Video is meant as an analytic asset for revealing interest from Mr. Coffee's audience.


Coffee Wrist Studio (Mikel Coffee)


Product Showcase Video


Product showcase video sharing several of Strond's new line of aviator watches.


Strond Timepieces


Logo Reveal Video


Simple logo reveal video with audio and video effects for as much impact as possible. Asset can be used for Youtube or Instagram video introductions.


Watch Modz Premium Parts


Logo Reveal Video


Simple logo reveal video without audio to show novelty from the original Dragon logo.


Dial Maker (Rico)


Frequently Asked Questions

Dial Decals

1. How much for just the dial logo decals?

Our dial logos cost .75 (each), or $75 for a hundred plus shipping, which is the minimum quantity order.

2. Do the logo decals come in different colors?

Yes! We offer silver/chrome, black, yellow (and rose) gold.

3. Where will you ship to?

We currently ship all over the world, but mostly in the US. Shipping fees will vary based on your location.

4. How do the logos stay on the dials?

The logos/decals have 3M adhesive on the bottom. All you need to do is peal from the sheet and stick on the dial. To make fine adjustments, you can use a tooth pick, or other soft instrument (as not to scratch the dial) to move the logos and adjust before fully pressing on (preferably while wearing finger cots.)

5. If I have an existing logo, can I just pay for the metal decals?

Absolutely. The pricing for both scenarios is on this page.

6. What metal is used for the logos?


7. What size should my logo dial decals be?

For a normal 28-31mm dial, the logo should be between 4mm and 5mm. The average logo is 4.5mm tall and/or wide. The Jadeion dragon sample on this page is 4.5mm.

8. What is the order/shipping time for delivery?

Once the logo is approved, we will convert your logo into the proper format. Then the metal logos will be manufactured. Once manufacturing is complete, the order will be shipped directly to us, then to you. Depending on shipping times, the average fulfillment time is about two to four weeks. If you are outside of the US, shipping times may very, but we do have alternative (with extra costs) options for direct shipping from our manufacturer.

9. Can I use an AI generated logo and send it for decals?

In short, yes. As long as it doesn't infringe on any current copyrights or trademarks. This means NO copyrighted logos (Seiko, Rolex, Omega, etc.) This is why we offer a full license to you for the work we do from scratch. We will NOT be involved in any copyright or reproductions that are blatant copies of other copyrighted/trademarked brands or products.

Logo Design

1. How complex of a logo can we create?

If we're talking about logos that will go onto a watch dial, the logo should be as minimal as possible. It should also be simple so it's easily recognizable, i.e., just think the Nike swish.

2. Can my logo be a word? Or should it stay as an image?

Words can certainly be used as a logo. However, what we have discovered through our own brands, simplicity is key. Not only to be easily recognized, but also so the decal itself is easy to install without excess adhesive flowing over any sharp angles.

3. What format will my logo be in once complete?

We design our logos in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (AI). You will receive the files from both of those, plus high resolution Jpeg and PNG files so you can use them on your website or for printing.

4. Can you do 3D animations with my new logo?

Absolutely! These are called "logo reveals" and can be used for YouTube intros, Instagram stories and other social media assets. If you'd like to order an animation, see the details on the bottom of the page.

5. How long does it take to design a logo?

Depending on the complexity or simplicity of your desired logo, it can take anywhere from two days to a week to design.

6. Can my logo also be used for print materials?

Yes! Your logo will be delivered in high resolution files including SVG (Vector), Jpeg, PNG and anything else required upon request.

7. Can you do larger decals vs. just for dials?

Yes! Your logo can be printed as large as required (within reason). Just keep in mind prices vary as well as size availability. Please use the contact form below to inquire about these alternative options.

8. Can you create logo mockups like the ones on this page?

Yes! If you want to extend the power of your logo, we offer logo mockups in a wide variety of expressions. Please see the portfolio below for a list of options.

9. Can I send you an existing logo to update or change?

Yes. And depending on the amount of work involved, you may receive a partial refund for your order. If you DO currently have a logo, please understand that we will NOT work on any copyrighted or trademarked designs that you DO NOT currently have the license to.


For Logo Design, Decal and Animation Services.

Once you have made your order, we will reach out to you within 24 hours to begin the process. We will explain everything in detail and will decide (together) the color and size of your logos, any logo design and mockup requirements and/or reveal animations (if applicable) that are best for you and your business.


We are able to ship OUTSIDE of the US.  So if you're in the UK, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, Australia, etc., we CAN ship to you at the current discount but you may not receive tracking with your order as to save you money on shipping.  If for any reason we cannot ship to your country, we will refund and notify you. 

Note: Shipping times outside of the US will be considered standard flat rate mail and will take longer to get to you.




3 Revisions
Your Color Choice (1 per order)
100 Metal Decals (Sheet)
*Fully Licensed images



$25 Introduction Setup Fee is Waved
**We Use Your Existing Logo
100 Metal Decals (Sheet)
Your Color Choice (1 per order) or Silver, Black or Yellow Gold/per 100 Sheet



3 Revisions
One Mockup Image ($45+ value)
One Logo Reveal Video ($75+ value)
*Fully Licensed Images

*Fully Licensed Images simply means that once we create your logo you will OWN the copyright to that logo. And, if we use any other artistic assets such as templates, fonts, colors, etc., these will also be FULLY LICENSED so that you may use them in any commercial project you'd like.

**If you have an existing logo, we can use it for your dial decals in most cases. Please keep in mind that if the logo is too complex, is a copyrighted logo that you DO NOT own the license to (Seiko, Rolex, etc), or doesn't work for a dial, we will either refund you, or give you alternative options.