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Adam King


A Watch Builder's Mastermind led by an actual Watch Builder.

The Mastermind includes Bi-monthly project presentations based on REAL-TIME watch modding, building, mindset and marketing of an actual business on multiple platforms. Make no mistake about it, this isn't just a Mastermind, this is a community that comes with all the benefits you could imagine for your business.

Mastermind Benefits

Below is a list of many (but not all) of the benefits from joining the Mastermind Membership, which are covered during each bi-monthly (webinar) gathering as well as weekly email updates, PDF reports and other relative materials.

Bi-Monthly Presentations

Two interactive project presentations (webinars) per month that cover all facets of watch building including marketing, design, sales tips and techniques.

Marketing Support

Real-time data analysis, tips, techniques, reports and numbers based on marketing strategies for both personal and competitor businesses.

Build Techniques

Simplify and shorten your build times with new techniques, updates, tool reviews, resources and other builder support by other members.

Trends Data

What's selling, what colors are hot, what models are getting the most attention, what price ranges are performing the best and more!

Image and Video Techniques

Presentation is everything. Studio setup, software and lighting techniques and tools. How to use simple presets and more.

Brand Creation

Starting a Microbrand? So are we. We discuss all aspects of new microbrand businesses from logo to sales, offer vendor tips and strategies.

Getting and Closing Clients

Client journey, communication, and closing techniques are at the very heart of our business. Learn how to obtain and close clients.

Joint Ventures

How to setup joint ventures with local stores, website owners, other modders, social medial interviews and more.

Website Training

Using your custom website for building your list, turning viewers into clients, and getting more traffic for future sales.

VIP Pricing and Offers

As a Horology Hub Mastermind Member you are entitled to discounts on ALL tools (web, video, logo, certification, etc) as well as our own discounts with many global vendors.

Customer Care

Leveraging customer care for both longevity, greater sales, and boosting business reputation. How to turn clients and into repeat sales.

Email Marketing

Building rapport, increasing sales, formulating special offers and building a list of buyers so you can send out updates, offers and more.

Special Offers and Coupons

How and when to run specials, offer coupons, and create VIP experiences for your prospects and clients.

eBay, Etsy and Social Sites

Leveraging eBay, Etsy, Facebook and more as alternative touch points to gain more sales and more clients.

Leveraging Assets

How to utilize marketing assets such as videos, images, logo reveals, for list building and increased sales.


Learn to network through events, social medial channels, online forums and more.

Simulation Reports

Marketing simulation reports for actual marketing campaigns that use landing and sales pages.

JV Trading and Selling

Trading (watches) and selling through Joint Ventures (JVs) for greater profits and higher margins.

Alternative Opportunities

How to earn money offering your services such as parts replacement, restoration, and modding.

Streamline Partners

Creating solid partnerships to help you with your builds, or you with theirs. Especially helpful if you're a

*Tesserean Catalyst

Monthly Catalyst calls/webinars to talk about the psychology of business, fulfillment and mindset.

*The Tesserean Catalyst Program is what started Horology Hub. It is a system for bettering the world through business. The Tesserean work began in 2010 with the release of the Tessera Method, a one-of-a-kind auditory simulation series based on mindset and moving beyond emotional resistance.

Mastermind Schedule and Assets

01. Buyer's Club 50%

The Mastermind group members have access to the HH Parts Store at 50% discounts for as long as their membership is active.

06. Custom Parts and Services

Everyone in the Mastermind will (at a discount) have access to our parts vendors and extensive services, which include logo development, custom dials and parts, bulk discount purchases (Buyer's Club), graphic design, web strategies and more.

05. Infographics and Reports

Strategy reports (PDF Ebooks) and infographics including, but not limited to: social media marketing, psychology, mindset, sales strategies and more will be shared throughout the month and archived.

02. Strategy Updates

Each month, project emails will go out discussing current sales strategies based on all of the benefits listed in the benefits section. This includes competitor SEO breakdowns.

03. Advantage Reports (included)

The HH Advantage Reports (starting at $19.99 per month) are included in the HH Mastermind group and downloadable on the Mastermind forum.

04. Joint Venture Opportunities

Throughout the month we will share (and create) money-making joint venture opportunities so you can expand your business into new and limitless directions.

Join Now

You can cancel your membership at any time. If you choose the yearly subscription and cancel, your benefits will continue until the end of your 12 months. As a Mastermind Member you are entitled to discounts on all Horology Hub tools including logo creation, logo reveal videos, websites, and graphic works.





  • Access to bi-monthly project assets such as PDFs, recordings, reports and so on.
  • VIP discounts for ANY HH product, service or partnership.

Your membership is GRANDFATHERED IN and will NOT change if there is a price increase unless you cancel.





$200.88 Per Year Savings


  • Access to bi-monthly project assets such as PDFs, recordings, reports and so on.
  • Access to all archived gatherings and related materials.
  • VIP discounts for ANY HH product, service or partnership.

Your membership is GRANDFATHERED IN and will NOT change if there is a price increase unless you cancel.

Please know that the Mastermind Membership is non-refundable.